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Whether you’re spending a quarantined weekend with your significant other or just looking to pass some time on your own, here are some exceptional shows that will have you binging in no time.

1. The Office (Only on Peacock)

This one’s for the people that are stuck at home and miss the daily excitement of going into the office every week for a mundane day of work. Follow the lives of Dwight, Pam, Jim and the rest of the office crew as they try to keep up with their crazy boss Michael's daily shenanigans and also get their work done!

2. Psych (Amazon Prime Video & Peacock)

If you love crime-solving, fake-psychic detectives then look no further! Follow Shawn and magic head Gus as they hit the streets of Santa Barbara solving crimes for the local police department and making a hilarious scene with their “psychic” powers of observation.

3. Parks and Recreation (Only on Peacock)

Watch Leslie Knope and her crew of misfit government employees as they build parks, or not...

4. Friends (HBO Max & HULU)

Friends is hilarious and heartwarming as it follows the lives of Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phobe, Ross and Rachel. While the plot and characters are timeless, it's fun to see the 90s fashion - a blast from the past!

5. How I Met Your Mother (HULU & Amazon Prime Video)

Ted Mosby tells his kids the story of how he met their mother. But before you meet her, you’ll first have to learn all about his crazy friends, how they met, and the adventures of their daily lives.

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