As much as we wish Spring will go on forever, better days are coming. Though it had been mainly cold and rainy weather the past few weeks, there were definitely bouts of warm and glorious Summer temperatures, a prelude to the beautiful days ahead. Summer will officially begin on June 21st and we can't help but feel excited. Summer in Maryland is always fun with all the activities happening in the hot summer months. Picnics in the park, BBQ parties, sailing on the Chesapeake Bay, just to name a few. In summer, the average temperature is 72.7 degrees Fahrenheit. Maryland summers vary from mild to hot, with greater levels of humidity in eastern and southern areas. And with the increase in temperature, the need for a good electricity provider to withstand the demand for higher consumption must be taken into consideration.

In 1999, the Maryland General Assembly passed the Electric Customer Choice and Competition Act, which allows consumers to choose for energy supply from retail energy providers in Maryland. Due to the state’s record-high energy rates, Maryland introduced the right to choose energy providers to drive down prices by introducing competition among energy suppliers. 

Utilities, or energy companies, in Maryland, offer their consumers information to know how much they are spending on electric supply each month. It is a good idea to know how much electricity you're consuming every month and the rate per kilowatt as this would enable you to save more. 

Switching electricity suppliers in Maryland is an easy process. While changing cable companies or other home services may require a repair person to do the actual switch, changing to a different electricity supplier does not require a home visit. It can easily be done through a computer as the consumer simply goes from paying one rate structure to another.

Here's a great website you can use if you are planning to switch energy suppliers this Summer:

Shop-and-Compare - Electric Choice

If you choose to switch electricity suppliers, be sure to note the terms and conditions be...

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