If you find yourself checking Zillow religiously more than checking your Facebook or Instagram feed, then for sure, you are ready to get started. But checking homes on listing pages is just the prelude to your home buying journey. And if you want to get the best deal out of it, we're ready to let you in on the best-kept trade secrets in real estate!

Tip #1 Money Matters

Before deciding to buy, a reasonable amount should have been saved in the bank in preparation for your downpayment. Keeping it in the bank for a good number of months will also look good on your credit score. Avoid big purchases and moving the money as lenders could also use this information in determining the amount that you'll qualify for.

Tip # 2 Pre-Qualification Vs. Pre-Approval

While it's easy to get pre-qualified for a loan, what you need is a pre-approval letter to get the ball rollin'. A pre-approval means that the lender has extensively checked your financial situation and is giving you a go signal in getting your dream home. Getting pre-approved is also good in determining the price range in looking for your home.

Tip #3 Location, location, location

This is one of the first things that you should consider if you're deciding to set down roots. Whether you're relocating because of a job or moving to a new place, it's important to narrow down the neighborhood or town that you want to move in. Drive through the neighborhood when you can and check the driving distance to your work or school for your kids. Research about the town and the neighborhood, this will give you an idea

Tip #4 Find The One

If you're looking for your dream home and you want the perfect guy for the job, hiring a buyer's agent are your best bet to get the job done. But with the real estate market in full throttle and realtors are everywhere, how do you find the right guy for you?

Easy. Find someone with a proven track record of sales and who can help you get the best deals on the market. Social media can be a big help in checking for reviews and feedback about the realtor that you want to work with. The right agent will listen to what you need and want and help you find the right home for you.